Techno•geeka•phobia n.

1. Technogeekaphobia™ is the unhealthy fear of technology workers that create, control, deliver and support the technology we use in our everyday lives. It is a leading cause of IT project failures, stress in the workplace and communication breakdown amongst team members.

2. Technogeekaphobia™ is a funny word, that describes a very real problem which exists in today’s modern workplace.

Does Technogeekaphobia™ affect members of your team? Answer these questions:

• Are your IT projects typcially late, overbudget, or unsuccessful? Is there unhealthy tension between your IT staff and other members of your team? Does your IT department have a high-turnover rate or low productivity?

In simple terms, Technogeekaphobia™ is a failure to understand, communicate and motivate. These factors are at the root of most IT problems. Fortunately there is a cure...

Dennis Houchin has spent the past 37 years working with and managing TechnoGeeks in a wide range of industries. Find out what he can do for you and your team.

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